Valentine's Day Educational Bundle: Engage Students with Heartwarming Activities


With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I've created an irresistible deal that's sure to warm your heart. Taking advantage of the snow day here in Massachusetts, I've been hard at work in my store, curating a special Valentine's bundle just for you. I can't wait to get back to school tomorrow so our class gets to have fun doing some of these activities as well as our Valentine Card Exchange.

This bundle isn't just about spreading love; it's about enriching your students' literacy skills, honing their writing abilities, and reinforcing their mastery of sight words—all while aligning with Common Core standards. You can use these resources beyond February as students continue to spread love and kindness throughout the year!

Here are the links to explore further or make individual choices

• Heart Shaped Valentine's Notes/ Paper for Family and Friends

• Valentine Popcorn Real & Nonsense Word Sort

• Valentine Foldable Broken Heart Notes

• Valentine Sight Word Bingo: Engaging Literacy Activity 

   with High-Frequency Words

• Valentine's Day Love Flip Flap Book & Writing Prompts  

    (Free Resource for a limited time) 

• What Makes Your Heart Sing? & More Valentine Class Books

• Write the Room Valentine Words

Celebrate love and learning with these delightful resources.

Since Feb. 17th is National Kindness Day, I will be having a sale. You can save 20% on my entire store. 

Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️

Groundhog Day Is Coming Up Soon! Fun Activity to do with your students.

Groundhog Day is coming up fast. Crossing my fingers and hoping that the groundhog does not see his shadow.  If you are looking for some useful and FREE printables, websites, and videos, you may want to check out the official Groundhog website page

Here are some great links for Groundhog Day.  

Here is a great video:

This is a fabulous passage and comprehension pack,

I've found this groundhog activity that has been pinned on Pinterest by Mrs. Riicca's Kindergarten. This activity is very similar to the activity that I've been doing with my Kinders for many years in the past.

After reading and discussing Groundhog Day with the students, I had them color and cut out a picture of a groundhog. Students glue it to a popsicle stick and insert it into a styrofoam cup.  Students can use a green strip of paper and cut out slits to form the grass popping out. Instead of gluing the poem onto the cup, I have students copy it on lined paper using their best Kindergarten handwriting. This poem is sung to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot." 

You can grab a copy of this poem here

You can find some great poems at 

I did change the lyrics a bit to make it simpler for the kiddos to copy. Each week during literacy center time, I like to have my students do an art activity and I have them copy a poem to go along with it. Copying the poem is great handwriting practice for the kiddos as they learn to read and pick out many new sight words. This Can Teach website has so many fun poems to choose from that go along with so many activities that you can use throughout the school year.  

Here are the groundhogs I decided to use with my class and a copy of the poems. You can grab a copy of these by clicking on the links below. 

                                                              Groundhog Poem 
Groundhog Puppets 

Unlocking Kindness: A Guide to Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week 2024 in Schools


Get ready for Random Acts of Kindness Week 2024, happening from February 14th to 20th, with the highlight being Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17. In this blog post, we'll explore ways to make kindness a daily practice, particularly in educational settings. Join us in spreading positivity and making a difference! Challenge yourself and your students to do something kind for someone else. It can be as easy as holding the door open for someone else or just smiling.  Not only is it special for the receiver, but it also feels good for the doer! Kindness rewards everyone with increased energy and well-being. It can actually reduce stress. Who doesn't want reduced stress in their life? 

Teaching Kindness in the Classroom:

As a kindergarten teacher, you can imagine how hectic things may get. However, I know through years of experience that I must continue to be my bubbly self, show lots of positivity, and teach students how to be kind to each other consistently. Positive benefits will soon rub off on even the most challenging students when kindness is infused within the classroom. Some students need to be explicitly taught what kindness looks like and what kindness sounds like. We just can't assume that students come to school knowing the powerful effects of kindness. 

To teach students what kindness means, you could begin with defining it.


  1. the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

    Learn effective strategies, including using the Frayer model to define and discuss kindness, encouraging students to describe and illustrate kindness qualities, and acting out kind behaviors in various settings. 

    You could have students describe what it looks like and sounds like to a thinking partner. Students could work in partners or in small groups to make their own drawings or posters to show kindness. I think this activity would be best to work with others as they need to show kindness qualities as they cooperatively work in pairs or groups. Have students share their work with the class. Students could also act out ways to be kind in several different settings. Ask how they can show kindness in their school, at home, or in their community.
    Students need to understand that kindness does not require money and it can take just a little bit of their time. 


    Simple Acts of Kindness:

    Explore easy ways to promote kindness without the need for money. From compliments and smiles to helping a friend or contributing to the community, discover a variety of acts that students can incorporate into their daily lives. Emphasize the importance of small gestures and the positive impact they can have on others.

    Here are just a few easy ways to show examples:

    *Compliment others.
    *Smile as you pass by others.
    *Send someone a random note of appreciation.
    *Hold the door open for others to pass by.
    *Offer to help out a friend who is struggling with their work.
    *Read a book to others.
    *Invite someone new to play a game.
    *Offer to help out your parents with chores around the house without being asked to do so, such as setting the table, dusting, doing laundry, or sweeping the floor.
    *Clean up an area around your home, school, or local park.
    *Offer to let a classmate go before you are in line.
    *Donate unwanted toys, clothing, or books to those in need.
    * Make a card or a craft and send it to a senior center or nursing home.
    *Collect canned goods and donate to a local food bank.
    *Help out around the class without being asked to do so, such as passing out papers, organizing a bookshelf, sweeping the floor, or washing the tables.
    *Try to make sure every person in a group conversation feels included.
    *Return a lost item and try to find its rightful owner.
    *Tell random people walking by to have a good day.

  2. Kindness Freebie: 

  3. Download a free Kindness Trees activity designed to help students record their acts of kindness. This interactive tool allows students to visually track their positive contributions and serves as a great conversation starter about kindness. You can grab this here


    Engaging Winter Writing Prompts:

  5. For more engaging activities, check out Winter Writing Prompts that spark creativity and encourage expression. Find inspiration to keep the momentum of kindness alive even during the colder months.

  1.                                                                                                                    District-Wide Kindness Challenge: 

  2. Learn about an inspiring district-wide initiative where classrooms record acts of kindness on paper strips to create a collaborative paper chain. Discover the exciting plans, including surprising another elementary school with decorated posters and popsicles, fostering a sense of unity and positivity.

  3. In the amazing district that I am working in, teachers will challenge students to show acts of kindness throughout each day and each classroom will record some of the acts of kindness on strips of paper to assemble together to make a paper chain. Each classroom will bring their completed chains to the auditorium and we will hang it proudly. We plan on surprising another elementary school within our district with decorated posters signed by all the students within our school and popsicles to enjoy at lunch. We plan on giving them a video chat during their morning gathering to share the good news and stating "Your School is Cool." I think the kids will love receiving the popsicle treats. Students will be making Valentine's Cards and sending them to area nursing homes. It should be a fun-filled week and I can't wait to get started. Teachers and students decorated their doors to kick off this special event. (See photo above) You can grab a freebie by Especially Education to get this awesome lettering to make this banner along with a couple of others.

    Special Spirit Days:

  4. Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week with special spirit days, promoting a sense of community. From Peace Love Kindness Day to Crazy for Kindness Day, these themed days encourage students to express kindness in creative ways.

  5. Here is an example:

    Monday: Peace Love Kindness Day (wear a positive message or peace sign)
    Tuesday: Powered by Kindness Day (dress up as a superhero, wear a cape)
    Wednesday: Crazy for Kindness Day (dress up in crazy clothes or wear a crazy hairstyle)
    Thursday: Ride the Wave to Kindness Day (dress up in beach/surfer attire)
    Friday: Kindness the Our School Way Day (dress up in Spirit Wear) students will wear our school colors

Encouraging Genuine Kindness:

  1. Most importantly, I feel that throughout your discussions it is important that students understand that you should not expect anything in return for doing an act of kindness. Kindness comes from the heart! Too often kids expect a reward or recognition for the least little thing. Yes, it is important to praise kiddos when you see kindness happening in your classroom, however, we can't overdo it or we will lose the true meaning of its effectiveness. 


  2. Conclusion: 

  3. As we approach Random Acts of Kindness Week, let's unite to foster a culture of kindness in our schools and communities. Encourage students to make kindness a part of their daily lives, creating a brighter and more compassionate world for all.


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” - Aesop

Students must recognize that doing acts of kindness is something that can be done every day of the year. 

Kindness inspires more Kindness!

Achieve Your Goals in the New Year 2024: Special Sale and Goal-Setting Resources

Achieve Your Goals in the New Year 2024:Special Sale and Goal-Setting Resources

Greetings and best wishes for a Happy and Blessed New Year! May the coming year bring you magic dreams, personal growth, good health, happiness, and abundant love. To kick off the New Year, I'm excited to announce a special sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, where everything, including bundle sets, will be available at a 20% discount. (DEC. 30th-Jan. 2nd)

🌟 Get Your Students Engaged with New Year's Resolutions Writing Prompts 🌟

As we gear up for the new year, let's encourage our students to think about their New Year's Resolutions. Creating class books with writing prompts is not only a fun activity but also fosters a sense of pride and belonging within the classroom community. Check out my engaging writing prompts in this New Year's Resolution Class Book to spark creativity and meaningful discussions among your students.

 📚 Organize, Clean, and Set Goals for a Fresh Start 📚    

As the new year approaches, we all look forward to setting fresh goals and embracing new ideas. In these final days of 2023, join me in the mad rush to organize and clean both your home and classroom. Tomorrow, I'll be dedicating time to prep my classroom for the upcoming weeks, and I've been busy updating my Smart Goals and Educational Portfolio. If you're a fellow teacher with some time off this week, you're likely doing the same!

      One of my teacher goals this year is to work on improving social-emotional learning.

  • I plan to continue to focus on fostering social and emotional skills in students to create a positive and supportive classroom community Focus on fostering social and emotional skills in students to create a positive and supportive classroom community. Students need to be in a good place emotionally before they can begin to learn. I plan on taking steps to integrate social-emotional learning activities, teach conflict-resolution skills, and implement mindfulness exercises.

🎯 Empower Your Students with Goal-Setting Sheets 🎯

If one of your goals is to monitor and celebrate student success, you may like this resource. It is a great way to establish a tracking system for academic and behavioral milestones and recognize student achievement and positive reinforcement.

Teaching youngsters the lifelong skill of goal-setting is crucial for their success. To assist fellow educators, I've developed goal-setting sheets for students, including charts to track various skills such as letter naming, letter sounds, counting objects, sight words, and more. Visual representations of progress will motivate students to showcase their achievements to classmates, parents, and other teachers. Encourage your students to set and achieve their goals with this resource:].

🎉 Happy New Year! Here's to a Healthy, Happy, and Prosperous Year! 🎉

As the new year approaches, may you and your students reach and exceed your goals. Wishing everyone a year filled with success, joy, and prosperity! Please comment on your teacher goals or student goals for this year. I'd love to hear from you!

Ring In the New Year with 25 Free Resources for your Class (literacy, math, science)


As winter break comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about your lesson plans for the next few weeks.

Lucky for you, my teacher friends and I have you covered. We’ve put together a collection of 25 of our favorite activities for January and February in this New Year’s Catalog.

And we’re giving them all to you for FREE!

If you haven’t checked out these 25 amazing activities yet,  you’re missing out!

Kick off the school year with:

  Roll a Rectangular Prism Volume Game
  * Winter Word Problems Math Task Card
  * Daily Prompts Writing Dares
  * Science Moon Activities
           AND SO MUCH MORE!

Don’t go into 2024 without these AMAZING resources! Click this link to save yourself hours of planning time!

 Get your students thinking about New Year's Resolutions with these writing prompts. I don't know about you, but I just love creating class books to display in our class. The kiddos always take pride in their work and they also get a chance to read their classmate's pages. This creates a great sense of belongingness as you build a classroom community.   

May you find joy, love, new adventures, 
and success in the new year! 

Joyful Learning this Holiday Season with Engaging Activities-CYBER SALE -TPT

As we approach the holiday season of joy and togetherness, I'm thrilled to introduce a Christmas Bundle that will immerse your students in enjoyable learning endeavors this winter. You can grab these products during the Cyber Sale happening on Nov. 27th and Nov. 28th and SAVE 25% off. Be sure to use code CYBER23 at checkout.

Capture the festive magic of Christmas while engaging your students in joyful learning experiences with this Christmas Bundle! This comprehensive package encompasses a variety of writing activities, graphic organizers, class books, number sense exercises, and dynamic hands-on activities for both literacy and math. Enjoy substantial savings and promote differentiated learning as students showcase their skills in literacy and math.

Explore the holiday spirit with the following exciting activities included in this bundle:
  1. Christmas Word Problems Kindergarten 1st Grade, Addition and Subtraction Encourage problem-solving skills with festive number stories and word problems.
  2. Christmas Tree Two-Letter Word Match/ Bingo: Make learning fun with an enthralling bingo game featuring Christmas trees and ornaments.
  3. Christmas Class Book, Christmas Wishes for Family and Friends: Foster a heartwarming atmosphere by creating a Christmas class book filled with wishes for loved ones.
  4. Santa Ten Frame Match: Engage students in matching ten frames to the correct number and number words up to ten, offering options for various game formats.
  5. Christmas Tree Number Fun- Representing numbers to ten: Celebrate the season by having students represent numbers in different ways on adorable Christmas Trees.
  6. Winter Sleigh Ride Number Fun~Representing numbers to 20: Enhance numerical comprehension with activities exploring number words, tally marks, counting dots, and ten frames.
  7. Christmas Counting Towers: Develop counting skills as students stack connecting cubes on the appropriate numbers.
  8. Counting On Christmas Style, worksheets, differentiated, kindergarten, 1st, 2nd: Progressively challenge students to count on from any given number with differentiated worksheets.
  9. Reindeer Race to Read Short Vowel/ Nonsense Words: Build fluency and reading skills by having fun with short vowel words and nonsense words.
  10. Christmas Writing Prompts: Ignite creativity with festive writing prompts that capture the holiday spirit.
  11. Write the Room, Christmas: Immerse students in the holiday spirit with a delightful "Write the Room" adventure, searching for Christmas-themed words.
  12. Christmas Thank You Cards & Gift Tags: Perfect for the season, these cards and tags are ideal for expressing gratitude and creating holiday gifts.

Christmas Class Book, Christmas Wishes for Family and Friends
Santa Ten Frame Match
Festive Number Sense, Christmas Tree Number Fun, Kindergarten, Math Activity
Winter Sleigh Ride Number Fun~Representing numbers to 20

Christmas Counting Towers, Stack & Count Blocks, Kindergarten-First grade
Counting On Christmas Style, worksheets, differentiated, kindergarten, 1st, 2nd

Fluent Reading: Reindeer Race to Read - Short Vowel Mastery, Christmas, K-1
Spark Creativity, Festive Christmas Writing Prompts, Engaging Seasonal Ideas,K-2

Do you love making snowflakes to decorate your classroom with your students? Engage students in procedural writing as they proudly explain how they created their unique snowflakes. Be sure to grab the following FREEBIE.

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