April Literacy Centers

Me On The Map Mini Book

Egg-cellent Spelling
Noun Sort
Sentence Fences
Earth Day Activity
Bunny Bags
      Literacy Centers       
Short U Umbrellas

     Don't you just love this time of the year. All the hard work and effort that you have put into your classroom is starting to make a huge difference. I am pleased with all the gains my students have made this year. Literacy Center Time is my absolute favorite time of the day.Yes!!! Indeed, it is mighty hectic as there is so much going on at the same time. This is the chance where they get to practice all those skills that you have taught them. Here are a few snapshots of some of the things that my students are working on. Since I've been busy taking a few snapshots, I will most definitely be adding some of these to my Teacher Evidence Based Portfolio. Now that the students are used to the routines, it is much easier to take a few seconds and snap some photos.  Each week my centers include an art activity, science activity and lots of hands on literacy activities. I also have a couple of pocket chart activities that my students are busy doing. While the students are busy at their center activities, I am doing a guided reading lesson with a small group. Each center activity usually has no more than four students.We rotate activities throughout the week.The pictures shown are their first must do activity.If students do finish early, they have  differentiated extra work that is provided in their work bins to complete. 

Some of my centers explained.

Noun Sort- Students sort magnetic wooden fish onto the correct pond to include person, place or thing.

Egg-cellent Spelling- Students put together egg shells to make CCVC and CVC words.

Me On the Map Book-Students draw maps of their room, house, street, town and color maps of their state, country and globe.

Sentence Fences- Students read a sentence and decide the correct punctuation mark. (Super easy to put together and make)

Earth Day Activity- Students sort picture cards that they can reuse, reduce and recycle  

Bunny Bags- Students use some tracers and their own creativity to assemble these bags. As a special treat, I will surprise my students by putting in a couple of special treats at the end of this week. (Not candy or food)

Short u umbrellas-We did this one two weeks ago. Students made paper plate umbrellas and cut out raindrops. They were asked to write words with short u on each raindrop.  

Each of my centers include a recording sheet after they have finished the hands on activity. Hope you gained some ideas for your upcoming literacy centers. Happy Spring!!!

Magic Erasers Work Wonders

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