Spring is Here!

   Ahhh! Finally Spring has officially arrived. I am hoping for more days with some warm sunshine. Some snow may still be  on the ground, but I refuse to let it get me down.  Spring is such a great time to watch students really begin to blossom as they develop all those skills that you have taught them throughout the year. Personally for me, it is especially exciting to watch my kindergartners shine as they begin to read books with several lines of text on each page and write more than one sentence about a given topic using inventive spelling. I've been busy designing some new Spring themed products for my stores that will get my students excited about showing off some of their skills. If you are interested, the best part is that they are all high quality items that are priced $2.00 and under. This is amazing!  Check out the many positive reviews on these products. I have kept them priced low so you can take full advantage of the savings. I also have many Easter products that you may be interested in. 
     Now that most of my students have really started to take off with their writing skills as they  use their knowledge of high frequency words paired up with inventive spelling, they can respond to lots of writing prompts. This week I'll be introducing my new Spring Writing Fun packet as we say "Goodbye to Winter" and "Hello to Spring."
     During literacy center time and RTI, my students will be busy with lots of short vowel practice. Next week, we will be introducing our final short vowel sound which is short u. My last year's class just loved my  "Umbrella and Raindrop Short u Word Sort"  activity in which they sorted raindrops under the correct short u  word family umbrella. They also loved reviewing all their vowel sounds with the "Spring Chickens Short Vowel Sort."
    In math, I can't wait to introduce my latest "Spring Time Addition and Subtraction Number Stories," and review those tricky teen numbers with " Spring Teen Fun."  I've been super busy uploading new products to my stores just in time for spring.  I would love for you to check them out and let me know what you think. This is just a small sampling of some of the Spring products you will see. I hope you can find that special something that will enhance your classroom or lessons you teach.