Get An Extra Boost to Your Back to School Shopping

Did you know that Teachers Pay Teachers will be doing another Back to School Sale? Teachers Pay Teachers had held their annual Back to School Sale at the beginning of August but after more data about starting dates, the decision was made to host an additional sale on August 20th. It's meant to give a boost to this new upcoming school year. So, if you missed the last sale or want to pick up those items on your wish list, now is the time to shop. Take advantage of the great savings. My store will be discounted 20% and you can get an extra 8% off when you use the promo code: boost. This includes my bundle sets which are already discounted and will provide you with tremendous savings. I will extend my sale for an additional day to provide you with 20% off on August 21st, however you will not be able to use the special promo code to get the extra 8% off.

Happy Shopping and Enjoy Your School Year!

You Oughta Know About Using Soap Boxes for Classroom Supplies

I am so excited to be linking up with some amazing bloggers for this fun blog hop full of classroom ideas. Thanks to Jasmine from Buzzing with Mrs. McClair for hosting.

You oughta know about using soap boxes for classroom supplies. I found these hinged soap box containers for only 69 cents at Stop & Shop and I just love them! You will find them in the trial sized section of your store. You can also find them at Walmart for 97 cents.  They are the perfect size for storing crayons. There is even enough room in each container to store the fat crayons that I use with my kindergartners. We all know that crayon boxes just don't last. My students work at tables and do not have individual desks of their own. The larger sized pencil boxes that you see in the major department stores and office supplies stores  seem to take up too much space on the tables and leave little room for students to work. These little boxes fit inside of the one storage bin that I have set on each table filled with other supplies such as scissors, glue sticks, dry erase markers, etc. In the past, I always had the students share crayons that were at each table, however after awhile there always seemed to be issues with not finding the right color and too many students from the table reaching in from the same bin caused problems. Students will now have to take more responsibility for their own crayon supplies. If they choose to break them, then they are stuck with broken crayons. Hopefully, students will take better care of their supplies this year. I bet teachers could use these little travel sized soap boxes for so many other things in the classroom or even at home to organize your junk drawers.The best part is the price.If you are like me you are always looking for affordable creative ideas.
Soap boxes are the perfect storage solution

I made these adorable owl chevron labels to go on top of them. Owls are all the rage and I think they came out cute. You can find these editable storage labels at my store.    

You can also use them on those popular rolling carts you find in Walmart and Target. Here is a picture of my rolling cart. I have another one that I am going to redecorate this year with these labels.

As you can see I am just crazy about owls. I just love decorating my classroom with them. I just created these adorable clipboards with owl chevron paper. Do you have those ugly brown clipboards hanging around in your class? You might want to try and jazz them up with some decorative paper and stickers or ribbons on the top. Just apply clear contact paper on top of your pretty printed paper and you are good to go. I was able to grab a small roll of clear contact paper at Dollar Tree. 


If you really like my set and you do not feel like creating your own. You can also get this at my stores and customize it with your name or whatever else you would like to put. 

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I have just a couple of more weeks of summer left, but I've been so busy getting things ready for my class. Enjoy what is left of your summer and have a wonderful school year! Have fun with the rest of this blog hop. 
There are so many great ideas in store for you. 

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Wow!  Teacher's Notebook will be having an amazing sale. Don't miss out on EXTREME savings. I've discounted my entire store 30% off and you can get an additional 10% off. Can't wait to enter this year's sweepstakes for a $10.00 gift certificate. Since they are giving out 100 prizes, you might want to enter because the odds of winning are not that bad. To make this even sweeter, I've decided to have my own sweepstakes. You could win $10.00 worth of products at my store. My Giveaway starts  now and ends on Aug. 15th. It is super easy to enter. Just check out the Rafflecopter below to get started.

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BLAST OFF to Back to School with an Amazing Sale!

I am SO not ready to go back to school yet (we still have a month of summer in MA) HOWEVER this is the time to start stocking up for the school year because Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing their annual Back-To-School Sale. My store will be 20% off- the WHOLE thing, including my bundle packs. Be sure to use the promo code BTS14 to get an additional savings adding up to 28% off. Wowza! That is amazing savings especially if you are purchasing bundles which already have 20%-25 %off. You could end up getting products in these bundles for less than half price. This summer I've updated my store and added many new products and bundles just in time for Back to School. I can't wait to share them with you and use some of these products in my classroom with my kinders. Check out some of the amazing products below.

Cookie Monster Math Fun with Tissue Boxes                            Fall Bundle Pack


              Teacher Evaluation Evidence Portfolio Binder                                  Owltastic Bundle  

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Take advantage of the incredible savings as you "Blast Off" into another school year!