Halloween Number Stories

Get into the Halloween spirit with these fun, spooktacular number stories that are sure to motivate your students as they solve word problems within ten. It is important that your students learn to apply their math skills by solving problems rather than just simple computation. Getting students involved in how addition and subtraction apply to the real world and why it is important to know can be a challenge. We all want our students to develop higher level thinking. Presenting problems that are of a high interest level will peek their curiosity. Kids at this age are very egocentric as what matters to them is of utmost importance. Halloween is a huge event in their minds and they are all anxiously looking forward to this big day. Incorporating Halloween into a few lessons will motivate students. My number stories have been my biggest sellers. They give the students the opportunity to show their work with drawings and writing equations. These number stories are perfect for kindergarteners and first graders and they align with the Common Core K.OA.2 and 1.OA.1.



Wow, Another TPT Surprise!

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