It's the Best Time of The Year! Time to go shopping on Cyber Monday.

     I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving break with family and friends. Can you believe it~ tomorrow is already December and Cyber Monday Sales will be off and running. Did you do some shopping this Black Friday and cash in on some great deals? This is my first year that I actually decided to stay home and try to relax after spending a very hectic week with finalizing report cards, parent teacher conferences and preparing a Thanksgiving feast for nine people. This week, I also lost my precious cat named Grover to an illness. He was only three years old. That little ball of fur brought me so much joy and it is just so hard letting him go. I brought him home from a shelter when he was just 3 months old and I loved spending every precious moment with him. My husband called me while I was in the midst of parent conferences to inform me of the terrible news. Apparently, he had a rare feline illness which caused fluids to build up and after being on a feeding tube at the vet hospital for three days, we had to make that horrible decision that no pet owner wants to make. I am so thankful for the time I spent having Grover in my life and spending time with family has helped ease my heartache. I may not have been in the mood for shopping this weekend, but I am hoping that the month of December will brighten my spirit. I look forward to tomorrow and featuring my teacher stores in the biggest holiday sales. I have a few holiday fun activities that I'm excited to share with my teacher friends. They were a big hit with my last year's class and I look forward to using them with my class this year.

In Memory of Grover~RIP

Enjoy your holiday shopping and most importantly take some time to enjoy spending time with the ones you love the most. 

You Ought Know About Tsu- The Exciting, New Social Media that Pays You

I am so excited to be linking up with some amazing bloggers for this fun blog hop full of classroom ideas. Thanks to Jasmine from Buzzing with Mrs. McClair for hosting.
This awesome poster was created by Shelly Reese. 

Can you believe that you can actually earn some cash while doing things that you would normally be doing on Social Media? Tsu pronounced (Sue) is a brand new social media that works just like Facebook. It is super easy to get started and best of all it is free to join. You can use my link
You can simply use your same profile pictures and covers that you use on Facebook.  Just like Facebook, you will have your timeline that shows your original content and the content shared by those you friend and follow. Yes, you will see advertisers on your page just like in other types of social media but this time you won't mind it as much because it is through these advertisements that you can potentially earn money. Did you know that Facebook and Twitter measure financial success in the billions for every quarter by placing advertisers near the things you post on those sites? They rely on your activity on those sites to get those advertisements out there. Are you sick and tired of the way Facebook limits your followers by seeing your posts? On Tsu, what you post is what your followers will see in their feed.  Tsu is a brand new social media that just started last month and it promises to pay royalties to users who help the company make money and grow by posting photos and other content. Tsu offers a breakdown of their algorithm that better illustrates how you would get paid on this platform. Here is the link if you are interested.

Essentially, the more interesting content you post and the more friends and followers you receive, the better likelihood you will earn some cash. It is that simple. So give it a try, you have got nothing to loose. Don't be afraid to get started. It will take you less than five minutes to get your page up and ready to go.  

 Wow! Look how fast this social network is growing and how much time people are spending on Tsu. Can you believe it?