Winter Break is Finally Here!

It has been a CRAZY, HECTIC but joyful week. It is tough to go to school until Dec. 23rd but we made it. Here in New England many superintendents learned from last year's harsh winter and decided to shorten winter break just in case we have another snowy winter.  Our entire school had Pajama Day and this just added to the excitement and craziness as we also had ugly sweater day, Christmas sock day and Christmas hat day earlier in the week.  

Students cheerfully came to school with cards and gifts and they were so eager to show off their Christmas PJ's. Our job was to keep these kiddos who were bubbling over with excitement in control. Needless to say this is a lot easier said than done. Our class did have an Elf on The Shelf that traveled around the room and reported back to Santa on how well the children were behaving. I even had the students write letters to the Elf to tell Santa why they thought they should be put on the nice list. Despite all my efforts, as you can imagine there were still quite a few chaotic moments and I came home each day exhausted.

Today I read the students one of my favorite holiday books "The Polar Express" as I took out our classroom bell and rang it several times during the reading. Students listened for the ring and learned about the true meaning of this special sound this time of year.   My students were eager to take home the ornament  gifts they made for their families. I was also showered with so many thoughtful gifts from the students and their families and I felt so appreciated and thankful to have such a great group of students.  

It truly is a magical time of the year, but I am so thrilled to officially start my winter break.  I look forward to not having to set an alarm clock and get up so early. It will be nice to stay in my pajamas and not have to go to work in them like I did today. I especially look forward to spending time with family and friends. 

I hope you enjoy the holidays and find time to relax with those you love.