New Year's Sale and Goal Setting Ideas for your students

I want to wish each of you a happy and blessed new year! May your upcoming year be filled with magic and dreams and personal growth. I hope you find good health, happiness and lots of love. To kick off the New Year, I will be having a sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Everything, including my bundle sets will be 20% off. These past few days I have been busy updated a few things and creating more products. You can check out some of my latest creations and this special sale here:  

As I create new products I always keep my own students in mind and work diligently to fulfill their individual needs. I look forward to tomorrow as I can't wait to see their smiling faces and I know they will be eager to share about all their holiday adventures. After a much needed winter break, I hope my class will be eager to come back and show me that they are ready to learn. It is a time to start out fresh and feel invigorated as we set personal goals for ourselves and our students. Starting off the new year is the perfect time to re-establish classroom expectations and procedures. Over the winter break I took a look at some of the data I have collected on each student and I made some changes to my RTI groupings in order to best suite the individual needs of my students. 

The second half of the year with kinders can be exciting as the student's skills really start to take off. Students love showing off their reading skills as they conquer simple text in books all by themselves. As weeks go by, students become more fluent and have a great sense of pride. The kiddos begin to write sentences about a given topic using inventive spelling and their knowledge of the high frequency words introduced. Students are learning many strategies to solve math problems and are beginning to write number sentences to go along with number stories. Keeping all this in mind, during my winter break I did work on creating and updating a few products to continue to strive forward and build upon these skills to enhance student learning. If you are interested you may want to check out my teacher store to see my latest creations.
This is the perfect time of the year for students to start thinking about their own learning and what it is that they need to improve upon. Kinders do need some guidance with this as they start composing goals. They may not have the language skills to put together their ideas on their own. Begin by discussing with students some of the things that they feel that they are really good at and some of the things that they find challenging.

Students need to know that setting goals without a plan is only a dream. They need to be thinking about how they plan on attaining their goals. What types of skills do they need to practice to reach their goal and if they get stuck how can they seek out help?

Teaching youngsters to learn how to set goals is an important lifelong skill that is sure to bring your students some success. You can check out the charts I prepared for the students so they will be able to set goals and track their success.
You will receive charts for the months of September through June to track letter naming, letter naming for upper and lowercase letters, letter sounds, counting objects, writing numbers up to 20 or 30, and high frequency words. You will also receive Goal Met cards to laminate and attach to lanyards so students can proudly let your whole school know that they reached their goal and can ask about it.