Keep the Learning Alive-Tips and Free Resources- COVID 19

We are all facing uncertain and unprecedented times. We have never faced something like this before, but we must all work together and support each other any way we can.  With so many school closures and cancellations, parents are left juggling with how to go about working from home and caring for their children. They want to keep their kids happy, healthy, and safe while continue learning. The new term "social distancing," has been ingrained into our vocabulary. Parents are left with active children and wonder what to do and how to keep them busy playing and learning during "social distancing."  Some families struggle with providing nutritious meals for their children. Schools are working to be sure that families that depend on school breakfast and lunch will get what they need. Teachers' intentions are to "Keep the Learning Alive," and the focus will be on getting resources available to send home or teach remotely for our students. Teachers care deeply about their students and their overall well being. Our classrooms are tight-knit communities full of respect, honesty, collaboration and love. We all can't wait for things to get back to the way they were just a few weeks ago. We hope and pray that scientist will find a cure and this virus will dissipate in the near future.  As I wait for the directive from administrators and how to go about this in my district, I have looked into how to go about this endeavor on my own. I also have found a few tips and quotes along the way as I make some preparations that I'd like to share. 


1. Be sure not to judge people on how they are dealing with this crisis or parenting during it. Do what you feel is right for your family! Teach if you want to and don't if you don't want to. Don't shame people for doing one or the other. We are all in this together so let's not alienate each other.

2. Keep kids happy and healthy and let them play outside, the more natural and distant from each other, the better! Being outside does the body good as the outside air may be a natural disinfectant. Please do not invite other children for playdates. Social distancing is imperative if we want this virus to stop spreading.  Check out this article on how fresh and sunlight may be helpful with COVID 19.

3. Give kids some space and structure. Do what you can to balance your schedule. Here is a great sample schedule I found  from Face Book(credit unknown) 

3. Students should take this time to follow their curiosity and find their niche. Take this time to research interests online and read books.  Reading should be the number one academic priority. Whether or not the students read to self, a sibling or caregiver, listens to books read aloud or on a computer; it is important that this is done daily if possible. Keep a reading log of all the books read and hand it back to your child's teacher. They will deeply appreciate all their hard work. 

5. There are many companies offering free resources due to school closings. Here is a link to a great list I found from Kids Activities. com

6. I just signed up to get FREE access to ABC MOUSE and Reading IQ at as part of my Contingency Plans should we continue to not have school for more upcoming weeks ahead. My student especially love Reading IQ as there are thousands of leveled books to access. I am thrilled to know that they can use this for free during this difficult time.

7. Many TpT authors, myself included,  have put together FREE resources.  The simpler the better, as families have so much to cope with during this stressful and difficult time.  When sending home materials, think of things that your students can do again and again. Students should be completing reading logs, practicing sight word flashcards, math facts flashcards, journal prompts, and hands-on games. 

Here are a few free resources that I am offering at my store to keep student writing during the spring, continue eating healthy and most importantly keeping safe.

Please be safe and take care!