New Year's Goal Setting with your Students


As the new year approaches, we all look forward to setting new goals for ourselves. We all want to start off with some fresh new ideas and begin this new year off on the right track. These final few days of 2013 will be a mad rush to organize and clean my home and classroom. Tomorrow I plan on spending some time in my classroom to clean and organize and get things ready for the upcoming weeks. I've also been busy working on my Smart Goals and Educational Portfolio this week. If you are a teacher and you also have this week off, you are probably doing much of the same things. This week I've decided to work on developing some sheets so my students could also set goals. We all know that it is important to teach youngsters to learn how to set goals. This is an important lifelong skill that is sure to bring our students some success. I developed some sheets for students to set goals and track their success on charts. This product includes charts to track letter naming, letter naming for upper and lowercase letters, letter sounds, counting objects, writing numbers up to 20, and high frequency words. I thought it would be nice for students to have a visual representation that shows their progress as they learn new skills. Students will be motivated to color in more squares on their graphs as they master skills and show off their success to their classmates, parents and other teachers who may work with them. Students will also complete a couple of writing prompts to discuss their goals and how they will be achieved.

Set goals for yourself and work hard at achieving them. I hope you and your students reach your goals this year!

Happy New Year! Let's hope for a healthy, happy, and prosperous year!

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Winter Break Giveaway Celebration!

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Twas the Week Before Christmas

I found this poem on Facebook and it just says it all. It has been a crazy, hectic yet fun-filled week. Just one more day to go before our Christmas break. All the holiday gifts for the parents are finally wrapped and ready to be sent home. Students were busy with lots of literacy and math holiday activities these last few weeks. Our class enjoyed several holiday books and learned about Winter holidays from around the world. Tomorrow is Pajama Day  for our entire school. Students will donate 1.00 for a worthy cause as they come in with their PJ's. Oh boy, the excitement of holiday cheer and a full moon this week are sure to add to the craziness of this joyous time of year! I am sooo looking forward to Christmas break.  

December Facebook Frenzy~Lots of Freebies

Wow!! The holidays are right around the corner. I can't believe that December is almost here. This weekend we have something to help make your holidays even sweeter as many fabulous teachers have donated some amazing activities to liven thing up in your classroom and keep your students actively learning. 

It is time for the December Facebook Frenzy.-Woo Hoo!! This is my first Frenzy and I am super excited to be a part of it. 

Simply hop through all the Facebook pages and grab up the amazing freebies along the way. It is a great way to get some new classroom resources and find some amazing teacher friends and bloggers as well.

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