Happy 4th of July

I hope you all enjoy a happy and safe 4th of July. It feels so nice to finally relax after a busy and hectic school year. I've been out of school now for almost two weeks. We said our final goodbyes and ended our school year with our " Kindergarten Moving On Day Celebration." The students did an amazing job with reciting a poem and singing a couple of songs. The parents especially loved it when we sang to the tune of Frank Sinatra's" New York, New York" while dancing like the Rockettes. We changed the lyrics to "First Grade, First Grade." The students all received a pail and shovel with lots of goodies inside. In the buckets the students brought home memory books, journals,  pictures and special awards. We ended the last day of school with a slide show I put together on Movie Maker and the students enjoyed some popsicles before saying so long for the summer. Putting together this end of the year program was a lot of work, but it was all worth it in the end. The parents were so appreciative and the kids had a blast. I am always amazed at the tremendous gains the students make throughout the year and it is not always easy to let them go.  Now that I am home, I can spend some quality time with my family and work on those projects that I've been putting off to get my house organized. This summer I signed up to take several technology workshops that will keep me busy. With this new information I plan on developing lots more lessons and activities that I can share.  

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