It is Time for Back to School!

     Just a couple of more weeks left and I will be back to school. This summer I've been very busy putting together lessons that align with the Common Core. I put a lot of thought into what needs to be addressed during the first few weeks of school as I developed these lessons. As a kindergarten teacher, I want to first begin by developing a positive classroom community whereby children feel safe and good about themselves. I want students to learn to make wise choices as they follow classroom rules. I developed a couple of products that will support classroom climate and make my job easier as I begin to address academics. These products get the kids thinking about their behavior and gives them an oportunity to write their thoughts. Students will also love recieving incentive cards on their desks for positive behavior. These products can be used throughout the year as the students develop better writing skills. It is great for upper grades as well. or or


The children have so much to learn in kindergarten. At the beginning of the year, the focus is on letter recognition and beginning sounds. I developed a product called "Alphabet Soup." Children will have fun finding letters in the soup and practice writing them on letter graphs. This ties in nicely with math as they learn graphing skills while at the same time learn to recognize and write letters. Beginning sounds is the focus at the beginning of the school year for kindergarteners. Therefore, I put together some cool looking school bus mats for sorting picture cards to match beginning sounds on the windows of the bus. or or
At the beginning of the school year in math, my goal is to develop number sense using numbers up to ten. I put together 40 worksheets that tie in nicely with the new Common Core Standards. We are no longer using our current math series since it is outdated and does not address many of the new standards. I have a feeling that several school systems are in the same dilemma. Teachers are scrambling around trying to find the right lessons that address these new Common Core Standards. Both Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook have been a blessing for many teachers as they find new and exciting ways to teach math while being sure that it is aligned to the new standards. Please check out my new "Number Sense Fun in Kindergarten."  It may be  very helpful with getting through these first few weeks of school.  or

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