Thanksgiving Fun

I am really excited to share a few of my Thanksgiving activities. The students in my class are having fun with these hands on activities. Now that my students have developed number sense, they can show different ways to represent numbers using ten frames, number words, counters and tally marks. At literacy centers, students have  been working hard on reading two letter words. I have a chart hanging in my classroom with all two letter words and we practice reading them everyday. We look for two letter words in the text we read. Students are amazed by how often they show up in sentences. I let the students know that if they can read two letter words, it will help them read three letter words and larger words. The two letter turkeys have become a big hit in our class. Check out my new products on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook. These activities are all kid approved and have helpful recording sheets for you to track their understanding of these concepts. Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful new followers. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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