100th Day Fun!

        Today was our 100th Day Celebration! My students had a fun filled afternoon as we spent the entire day doing everything the 100th way. This year, 100th day came much later than normal due to the fact that we started school after Labor Day and we had several snow days that seemed to push back the date. I'm so glad that it finally came. To prepare for this special day I sent home special paper bags with instructions stapled to the front. Each child was asked to send in a collection of 100 things to donate to our class and keep it a secret. They were asked to write three clues on the front of the bag to describe what was in it. The instructions did provide a list of suggestions of items that students could bring in such as pompoms, popsicle
sticks, cotton balls, q-tips, sequins, index cards, etc. Each year, I get a nice variety of things that I can then use at the art center table or use  to help make a variety of literacy or math activities. This year I had a brilliant idea to use some of these materials at a sensory table. In our class we have a large sandbox table that we rarely use since it makes such a mess on the floor. Even though we sweep the sand up, it scratches up the floor. I decided to dump out all the sand and  put all those cotton balls, pom poms, pipe cleaners, beads and more into the box. When my students came back from specialist, they were so excited! They could not wait to dig in and play with all the treasures that they brought in. I also think that I will make the janitors very happy because they no longer have to deal with the scratchy floor and the mess it makes.   
    My students all had a chance to read their clues and choose classmates to try to guess what they brought in the bag. Once we finished opening all the bags, students had a chance to count their objects by placing them in ten groups of ten. Our day was filled with many more fun filled 100th day activities. We read 100th day books, sang 100th day songs, did 100 exercises, and counted to 100 by 1's,5's,  and 10's. Students made 100th Day crowns to wear and their very own 100th day grids to take home and practice. They were asked to write in the missing numbers on this grid. All my students had a chance to draw a picture of what they would look like when they reached 100 years old and write sentences to describe what they would do when they reach that age.Who knows, perhaps many of them might reach this golden age with all the new medical breakthroughs and technologies we now have. My students were especially excited to get the pretend 100 dollar bills. Students could write about what they would do if they received $100.00. It is always fun to read all the interesting thoughts and ideas. Some students have some very unique ideas while others just make you laugh. It was a very busy exhausting day, but I'm hoping that it will be a memorable one.   

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