Teacher Evaluation Portfolio / Evidence Based Binder

It is the first full day of spring and believe it or not it is a snow day. The weather here in New England can be so unpredictable. This morning I saw snow plows and later on in the afternoon most of the snow had already melted and I see daffodils popping out of the ground. Luckily, we got a lot less snow than what was predicted. I tried to take advantage of this day while being home from school and worked on my own teacher portfolio. As you already know this can be a huge undertaking and it can be quite overwhelming. I created these binders to help organize all the evidence collected which include pictures, data, meetings, conferences, grades, personal reflections and so much more. If you are you looking for a way to organize all of your evidence to put together in your Teacher Binder, you may want to check out this product. Since I am a teacher from Massachusetts, we use the Massachusetts Model System for Educator Evaluation. Today I worked extremely hard at organizing and putting together my binder for these past couple of years. Although I have been gathering evidence for quite awhile, I was blessed with this day to spend more time in organizing this.


 Please check out this preview by clicking on the link above before purchasing to ensure that your standards are the same or very close. We all work very hard at what we do. Show off your talents and prove to your administrators that you are Proficient or better yet, Exceeding the standards.

I made this editable binder to include pages to separate the four major standards along with your student and professional goals. You will also receive three pages of color coded indicator tabs and expectation elements for each of the indicators for the four standards.

Standard 1-Curriculum Planning and Assessment

Standard 2-Teaching All Students

Standard 3-Family and Community Engagement

Standard 4-Professional Culture

This product also includes a binder spine for a 2", 3" or 5" binder and back cover in a navy blue or coral chevron pattern. I chose the navy while developing this product so male or female teachers could easily use this to put together a professional looking binder. In fact, my husband who is also an educator used this system for his binder and he loved it. Simply insert the covers into a clear view binder and your ready to go. Here is what the coral chevron binder looks like.


This is a huge time saver and I think you will like the way you can put your accomplishments in an organized way. Since I work with kindergarten, my evidence may be quite different than other grade levels. Please keep in mind the following:

****This product does not give you suggestions as to what to put in the binder. It is just created to help you organize. ****

Now that it is spring and it is getting closer to the end of the year, this is the perfect time to get your binder finalized and ready to go. Best of luck with your teacher evaluations.


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