What makes your heart sing? What inspires your students? What drives them? What special talents do they want to share? If a school can't be interested in things that students care about, students will lose interest in caring about school. The better you know your students, the better you will know how to teach them. Use open ended questions to discover your students' passions such as "My favorite pastime is._____"; "During free choice time I like to_______"; "Someday I hope I can_______"; I dream that someday I will______" and "When I grow up I will______."

You can empower students interest and dreams while at the same time meet the curriculum standards. You can inspire curiosity and interest by creating projects in which students share their dreams with you and the the class. If your students are passionate about something than they are more willing to take risks. Be sure to schedule time to have your students do some research about the things that interest them the most and time to share their knowledge and passion with others.

Tapping into a students passion is a sure way to engage learning.

Create a class book of the things they love the most. Proudly display your book in the class for students to look through throughout the year.

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