Reasons Why You Should be Teaching Word Problems to Your Students

Enhance learning for your kindergarten and first-grade students with these fun and interactive winter-theme number stories and word problems! With a variety of number stories to choose from, you can easily differentiate your instruction. Not only do word problems provide higher-level thinking for young children, but they bring meaning to real-life situations. Children learn quickly why it is important to learn how to add and subtract because they need to in order to solve problems that they may face in the everyday world. It is important to create word problems or number stories that students can easily relate to. Students should begin solving simple number stories with tangible items found in the classroom. Once the students have lots of experience with adding and subtracting with manipulatives, they can move on to picture representations to assist them in solving problems. 

Are you struggling to find age-appropriate addition and subtraction word problems for your kindergarten and first-grade classrooms that use decodable text? These Winter-themed word problems or number stories are perfect for engaging students as they are able to illustrate and write equations to show off what they know. This packet contains 20 number word problems for students to solve by answering addition and subtraction number stories. You can differentiate this set of word problems or use it at different times of the year as your students further develop their skills. You will receive ten-word problems using addition and subtraction within ten, and ten more word problems for students to solve within 20. I have also included a cute winter-themed black and white cover page so you could staple this packet together as a booklet. Students will enjoy the winter theme graphics and number stories.

Use the printable or digital format for your convenience. See the link below:

Are you interested in engaging in seasonal-themed or holiday-themed word problems? Check out these products or purchase the yearlong bundle of word problems for extra savings. 




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