Thanksgiving Classroom Fun: Engaging Activities and Resources for Grateful Learning

Are you on the lookout for engaging Thanksgiving resources that will infuse the holiday spirit into your classroom while facilitating meaningful learning experiences for your students? You're in for a treat! I'm thrilled to introduce you to a selection of captivating Thanksgiving activities available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, 123kteach.


    • All About Turkeys Writing Activities Graphic Organizers: This resource is designed to enrich your students' writing skills while exploring the fascinating world of turkeys. With engaging graphic organizers and writing activities, your students can dive into the world of turkeys, perfect for the Thanksgiving season.
    • Turkeys Ten Frame Match: Foster a deeper understanding of numbers with dynamic ten-frame exercises. Your students will have a blast matching numbers to ten frames, reinforcing their number sense in a fun and interactive way.  
    • Two-Letter Turkey Match BingoLearning two-letter words has never been more entertaining! Bring the joy of bingo to your classroom with a captivating game centered around two-letter turkeys. Your students will have a blast while honing their reading skills.
    • Thanksgiving Class Book What We Are Thankful For - Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, and this heartwarming class book will help your students express what they're thankful for. It's a wonderful way to instill a sense of gratitude during the holiday season.
    • Turkey Number Match:  Dive into the world of numbers with this resource. Your students will explore number words, tally marks, counting dots, and ten frames, deepening their numerical comprehension. It's a great way to reinforce math concepts while celebrating Thanksgiving.
    • Write the Room, Thanksgiving: Immerse your students in the Thanksgiving spirit as they embark on a delightful "Write the Room" adventure, hunting for holiday-themed words. Students will enhance their vocabulary and literacy skills while having fun.



These resources are all tried and tested in my own classroom and have received the seal of approval from the kids. To help you track your students' understanding of these concepts, each activity comes with helpful recording sheets.

If you are interested in saving money, you can now grab this Thanksgiving Bundle and enjoy HUGE savings. This product offers lots of differentiation as students show off what they know in literacy and math.


 As Thanksgiving approaches, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for your dedication as an educator. Wishing you and your students a truly delightful Thanksgiving filled with learning, laughter, and cherished memories.                     

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